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Marten Hørger is not just the dude with that funky letter in his name, he is a One Man Industry. If you don’t recognise him for his banging tech, electro and broken beats production as a solo artist, you’ll likely recognise him as a member of the massive Breakbeat duo, Boogie Army, or as part Smash HiFi, together with Leeroy Thornhill (formerly of the Prodigy)!
Not being old enough to visit a club legally Marten kick-started his musical career at the age of 15 with a residency at Douala, one of south Germanys most famous underground venues. Since that tender age, Marten has spent years DJing alongside just about every major name in Germany as well as the international giants whom passed through the country and developed his unique, aptly titled, “I don´t give a fuck” blend of Breaks, Electro, Dub Step and Hip Hop. Ever since Marten has been famous for celebrating every party like it..s the last, so his DJSets are more like little Rock Concerts with him being all over the stage, partying even harder as the Crowd itself.
This Reputation as being the master of having a great time saw him receive bookings to play all over the world, from Brixton to Brisbane and from Ibiza to Siberia including 3 Australian, 2 North American tours, as well as festivals and Clubs like the Love Parade, Fabric, Shambhala, Mayday, Kazantip, Streetparde, Tresor, Breakspoll, Nature One, Notting Hill Carneval and many more.
In 2006, Boogie Army exploded onto the international scene with a plethora of outstanding original releases on Labels like Westway Records, Carepack Rec, Ministry of Sound and Genepoole Recordings, in addition to numerous remixes. The most notable release was of course “Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll” which became one of the breakbeat anthems of 2007 and found place on just about every mix to be compiled at the time.
In late 2008, Marten began a new Tech, Electro and Breakbeat project with the much famed Leeroy Thornhill (the Prodigy) – SMASH HIFI! Their debut Single “Everything You Need” featured a worldclass music video shot and claimed kudos from all the big names in the scene. Eversince the boys have been busy in the Studio hammering out one remix after another, playing their epic 4h DJ Sets and working on their debut album.
Apart from being an artist himself Marten runs several monthly club nights in Germay and Austria including the infamous “Stamina Club”, wich has just celebrated it..s 10th anniversary. He also owns the booking and artist management company ”Stamina Agency”.

If you wanna book him here is the adress: NORB@STAMINA-AGENCY.COM


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