Mia Milan Image Art Fair

From the 13th to the 15th of May there was the Mia Milan Art Fair, the Italian art fair devoted to photography.

Referring to that event i don´t want to miss the possibility to introduce you some of the (in my opinion)  best exhibitors of the fair with their work.

Be curious about that…

Gian Luca Maver “Piero Bellugi”, Firenze 2008

Gian Luca Maver

“Piero Bellugi”, Firenze 2008
stampa lambda sotto plexiglass on dibond, cm.125×100, ed.1/3
Courtesy dell’artista

Comment to this picture : Personally this is one of my favorite pictures… the artist itself couldn´t explain what exactly he thought when he did that picture but for me we don´t need words for that strong expression.

Nicola Cicognani “Arcobaleno a Palermo” (2009)

Nicola Cicognani
Arcobaleno a Palermo (2009)
Stampa giclée su carta Hahnemühle fine art baryta, cm. 100 x 150 , Ed. di 15
Courtesy dell’artista e Artistocratic, Bologna

Comment: From Nicola Cicognani “In the background, the irresistible echo of the call of a fragrant and intriguing land. A door stands ajar, its passageway veiled by a lace curtain, its plastered frame luminous and white, inviting us to enter and explore, lose and find ourselves again.”

Further Artist:

Daniela Edburg

George Woodman

Frank Horvat

Edoardo Romagnoli


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