6° Again – Stop the violence in Ngaba

The crisis in Ngaba began on 16 March 2011 when a young monk named Phuntsok from Kirti Monastery set himself on fire. Phuntsok, who was heard to shout messages of support for the Dalai Lama, later died after the police extinguished the flames and were seen beating him. Phuntsok’s action marked the third anniversary of events in 2008, when at least 10 Tibetans had been shot dead after Kirti monks began a demonstration, and was followed by a number of demonstrations.

In the days and weeks following Phuntsok’s death, further protests have taken place and a standoff between military and local Tibetans has developed, with at least 34 detentions, beatings and an intensive “patriotic re-education” campaign. His Holiness has appealed for restraint and on 21th April the International Tibet Network issued a statement condemning China´s crackdown.  On the night of 21 April 300 monks were taken away from Kirti Monastery, Ngaba, by paramilitary police. Elderly Tibetans keeping vigil at the monastery to try and prevent any monks being removed were beaten, and two – both in their sixties – have died.

On the 21th of May there was again a picket for free Tibet in Stuttgart, Germany.

So please do not stop fighting for equity…

Sonam Couture is fighting for freedom therefore 10% of every sold shirt runs directly into relief projects.

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