15° Samantha Waireri – A smart and beautiful women on her way to rule the world!!

Hello Guys!!

Today I am really proud by presenting to you an upcoming star on the horizon, Samantha Waireri.  I first met Samantha during my Master degree at Domus Academy in Milano as a lively, always positive young women with a lot of power. But enough about me let´s talk about her and the way she is following…

Vero: Tell me about your work experience until now, did you have a special moment you´ll never forget?  

Samantha: Amongst numerous internships and work experience in Kenya, South Africa and USA. I have learnt and grown a great deal on both my personal and professional levels. Experience is gradual, this I value a great deal with the people I have worked with.  Stepping into the shoes of being a sales associate, design assistant, stylist assistant, fashion lecturer to a fashion buyer, has brought out valuable lessons, as I continue to grow in my journey.

An experiences I will never forget was when I worked with a fashion clothing brand called KikoRomeo, with Ann McKreath way back when I was a fashion undergraduate.

During that time, even now, I see the talent that my country has in Kenya and want to continually propel new opportunities for fashion design aspirants in my field.

Vero: Was fashion always your dream? 

Samantha: Being surrounded by art while growing up ( I still enjoy drawing) is just wonderful…I love just holding my pencil, pen, and draw my ideas.. and its so much fulfilling when you experience the garment.

I have always wanted to be a fashion designer since I was 11…at that time, I fondly remember my English composition I wrote in class and presented it to the class. I even drew loads of sketches, kept a fashion scrap book that I still have till today!

Samantha is already a celebrity in her home country Kenya

Vero:  Samantha let´s talk about your collection … What do you want to state through your collection? 

Samantha: innovation process, beauty in manipulating fabric, structure and contrasts. I am always experimenting new concepts that I want to expand and challenge myself in.

My last two collections (citrus and jerseylicious) was about the process of mono-draping a RTW (ready to wear) garment.

The concept is always changing, each time depending on what inspires me…right now I keep seeing Lines!!!

Vero: Do you have any goals for the following years? 

Samantha: Its true when they say write your goals down…they will happen!! Every year it changes. Establish myself, network, learn and enjoy new experiences that come my way.

Come to think of it….Just LOVE what I do!! And there is more to it…

Vero: Samantha thanks so much for the Interview!! Finally me and the 360° of Lifestyle- Fans are really curious if you´ll tell us about your biggest dream??

Samantha: My name to be a brand that wholly speaks of who I am about and the things I love….color, culture, diversity, beauty for others to experience it too in theirs, as well as investing in the fashion industry.

Pictures courtesy of Emeralds Studio, Nairobi Kenya


3 thoughts on “15° Samantha Waireri – A smart and beautiful women on her way to rule the world!!

  1. I’m proud of my dear Samantha. She is truly a talented young lady who is full of life and love for other people. You can feel it and see it in her designs.

    She made me feel as beautiful as i aspired to be whenever she dressed me up! i have a poor sense of fashion, but Samantha made me feel good about myself whenever she dressed me up!

    I’m a true fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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