17° Fhonetics – Contemporary explorer for sophisticated futurism

Howdi Followers of 360°

Today I would like to introduce  to you the brand fhonetics.

Designer of the brand fhonetics:  Magnus Sandebree & Me

About the Brand:

Established 2006 in a sub-zero Stockholm, fhonetics took the aim to build a striking yet tranquil brand. Convinced that delighted people will be colourful people, the core of the fhonetics brand has been to constantly generate more colourful people.

The target group is Young Professionals (male)

The soul of fhonetics is that of an contemporary explorer whose heart and mind is shared between desert oceans and metropolitan scrapers. The attitude is to be yourself, you can´t and why should you be someone else?!

The inspiration to fuel the fhonetics soul and its approach, is fetched wherever, whenever and in whatever beauty and colour come together. With this in mind, fhonetics always make every effort to be beautiful and colourful galore.

The Vision is t o create a lifestyle that combine parts of the sophisticated and traditional way of male appearance and mix it with a futuristic fantasy building the appearance of a Contemporary Explorer. An individual that strives down a path to explore the new but also appreciate and care for the history and past that has been.

If you want to find out more about the brand or the designer Magnus Sandebree visit: http://www.fhonetics.com or http://www.sanderbree.com


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