31° One of the best of 3D Street Art – Julian Beever

Hello 360° Followers

Because I got a lot of positive feedback referring to the 3D street art from yesterday I will show you today one of the best street artists in the world, Julian Beever

First of all the English chalk artist Julian Beever from UK. He has been creating trompe-l’oeil chalk drawings on pavement surfaces since the mid-1990s. He uses a projection technique called anamorphosis  to create the illusion of three dimensions when viewed from the correct angle. It is often possible to position a person within the image as if they were interacting with the scene.

In 2010, Beever released a book Pavement Chalk Artist  which includes photographs of many of his works from around the world.


3 thoughts on “31° One of the best of 3D Street Art – Julian Beever

    • Dear Valerie
      Well as long as you write the source of Julian Beever at the the end of your article etc. there is no problem to use those pictures as long as you don`t publish them.

      So, keep them within the school & write the source (at least Julian Beever) under the chosen pictures

      Hope I could help you

      Have a great day


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