Ciao 360° Followers

Today I want to present to you the upcoming brand ANGELA BRANDYS.

Angela is based inLondon, United Kingdom. She studied atLondon College Of Fashion and graduated in2011.

About her work:

My work is heavily affected by or even dictated by life’s day-to-day necessities, these may be the hurdles of money or even time, but both are influential tools to utilize and optimize my work.
I find all manner of bits and pieces, fabric, trims, details even other garments to take apart, whether from markets, frith stores, thrown away or given items, that I can piece together into designs. All the ingredients I beg, borrow and steal become the treatment for my designs and start to construct a collection.
My influence on my designs is essential in their success. My designs are garments that I must want to wear, that I would be drawn to. The result channels radiant, elegant, confident women, an unexpected beauty a bold beauty, ultimately feminine, and always eye grabbing.
Dreams and aspirations are never to be underestimated, as they simply a catalyst for a creators work.


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