45° Larisa Katz – Art in Fashion

Ciao a tutti 😉

Today I would like to present to you a designer I really appreciate. She fits so perfectly into 360° of Lifestyle as you can see by reading her biography. Enjoy this spectacular combination of Art & Passion to create Fashion in it´s finest…

Born and raised in the former Soviet Union in 1974, but now living in the southern part of the Netherlands, Larisa Katz has always been passionate about art and the wonders of the world as she sees it.

Formerly a painter, the now designer took her portraiture skills to human form, utilizing the same ideas to produce visceral, sculptural dresses in style of haute couture.
In her work she uses fabrics to build dresses that look like sculptures. Playing with different materials and shapes she creates timeless and romantic designs.

She combines the visions of Eastern and Western cultures.

In the past 2 years Larisa has shown her designs at runways of Amsterdam, Dubai, Bahrain, NYC & London.

For further information check out her homepage : http://www.larisakatz.com/


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