Keep attention to this brand – Rick Lee rocked the Addicted to Fashion Show in Zurich

Ciao a tutti, hello and guten Tag

My friend Rick Lee who I presented to you two months ago rocked yesterday night the “Addicted to Fashion – Show”  in  Zurich, Switzerland.

Therefore I would like to introduce to you his brand new collection of Artificial beauties! (The actual clothes collection I showed you in the last interview – u can find it easily on my blog)

I call it the Two in One with Style 😉

Hello? Just imagine how cool is that… We go out at night, the party stoped later than we thought it will stop… it is 7 am in the morning and we have to take the first tram/bus/metro to go home….. what a nightmare when people stare at you like you are a party sl**!

But this is over!! Just carry your flip flops, a white shirt and a smal pant in the clutch with you and switch the clutch in the morning to that sporty bag… the people will think you go to sport or shopping .. whatever you like 🙂

Anyway Rick has a brand new homepage so visit it


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