52° On the right track – Thomas Grey

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“What happens when you´re avoiding the sun hiding behind your turntables? – Of course you create some crazy shit!

What can I say? Thomas Grey (This was the worst poem I´ve ever done in my whole life)

Anyway this guy is really good in what he´s doing. Thomas Grey is coming from Austria young and fresh, 24 years old and simply the nice, in a good way crazy, guy from next door, down to earth open minded and just love what he is doing and this is what you hear in his, let me call it art work.

Just a track by Thomas Grey & Felix Brunn

Unreached Fortune

Even if this guy said ” I don´t want to become famous”, c’mon at the end WE decide if he will rule the turntable world. Let´s check the Interview I´ve done with him and explore a little bit more this artist.

And here is the interview :

Vero Ikon: How would you descibe the music you´re creating… I read melodic techno is that right?

Thomas Grey: yes that’s right. by genre this is certainly the right type… in detail I would say I am trying to create and play music which brings up a rather big amount of feelings when listening in detail. My focus is on a harmonic groove and certain ways of sample and synth processing, white noises and special reverb fx to create a special atmosphere.

Vero Ikon: Thomas, what´s the best of being a DJ?

Thomas Grey: Simply the chance to present my way of listening to an audience. That’s the best thing of playing live.

(Comment Vero Ikon: OF COURSE *It´s about the female fans *;-))

Vero Ikon: Why is your artistic name Grey? The music you produce is not grey at all :)

Thomas Grey: I like to think of an emotional world where there’s a balance between black and white… maybe that’s the main reason for calling this project “grey”.

Vero-Ikon: Who do you think are at the moment the main leading respectable DJ´s in your music category?

Thomas Grey: To be honest, I don’t really like many djs or producer… most of the stuff i hear doesn’t satisfy me at all… But certainly there are a few role models out there who inspired me a lot…
For me the best producer of melodic techno is GUI BORATTO for sure. His way of building harmony and groove in a rather strong techno topic is genius and unreached. I have had the pleasure to met him twice and his opinions and personality impressed me so much. I also think Solee from Stuttgart is an amazing dj and producer. Robert Babicz is without doubt the best mastering engineer I have ever seen. Other people which i really consider as top djs are robag whrume, ryan davis, michael mayer, phonique and felix brunn (he’s from austria!!)

Vero Ikon: What was the craziest shit you´ve experienced during the time being a DJ?

Thomas Grey: That’s a hard question… funny things are always happening!

Anyway to name at least one which will stay in my mind… A club booked me for the second floor. The floor was quite small and next to my perfomance there was a relative big headliner playing on the mainfloor.  I started playing half an hour before the headliner and when their show started no one was at the mainstage. Everybody listened to my music. The tour manager of them was so angry that he turned off my PA and i had to stop my set otherwise they would have stoped playing at this club… that was on one hand  a really strange night but on the other hand funny too 😉 …

Vero Ikon: What are your future plans? Rule the world (Ibiza HAHA *Thats an Insider) ;-)?

Thomas Grey: My big plan is a more or less small one. ;) I simply want to become better in producing and playing. Maybe find a bigger label to release a few things and keep on playing live sets. I am not really searching for a big breakthrough. I don’t want to produce a hit-tune and tour around the world with this. I am more searching for stable conditions and small but lovely clubs where people are near and know each other. By the way, for me its really important to play on a good and linear sound system. I think as bigger those systems will become, as less homogenous and detailed they will be. That’s not good for my music. It’s important to hear all the things in it as strong as possible, especially crispy high tones i love so much, and not just a overdrived bass with much loudness…

So if you like him check out his homepage http://www.djthomasgrey.com/


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