53° Chiemsee Rocks – the FOO FIGHTERS

Ciao a tutti

Today I would like to share with you my créme de la créme experience on the rockstar tour to the FOO FIGHTERS at Chiemsee Rocks, Übersee.

24.08.2011:  17.000 visitors were yesterday at the Chiemsee rocks – Festival in Übersee, Bavaria.  Next to bands like Stefan Dettl, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, BoySetsFire & Rise Against, the Foo Fighters built the main attraction of the whole day.

A Rockshow par excellence… My words are not enough to describe the energy we felt yesterday night…also in the air where the severe storm we had to count with just passed over us because of the euphoria the audience spread around.

 2 h and 15 minutes of grandiosity

“Music is not about a Computer on stage… It´s the man with the guitar” DAVE GROHL

We had an incredible evening with a lot of fun and some of us a more or less weak voice from shouting the songs 😉

All in all: It was great, the Foo Fighters were able to build a strong intimate relationship between the audience and themselves duringt the whole evening. And what I shouldn´t forget to say they ARE ON OF THE BEST LIVE BANDS EVER!!

pictures: Katja Steinle and my Damself


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