Dear 360° Followers

Well what can I say … You hear it everywhere at the  moment the POST’ IT ART. It started in France and now it´s becoming really famous all over the world.

Let´s have a look at the best art work  and some nice new specials I´ve found referring to that trend.

It started all with Ubisoft Montreal

 Ubisoft Montreal, developer of games in theAssassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia series, decided to put in the windows of their office art made solely out of Post-It notes. The company recreated images from such classic video game icons as Mario, Pikachu and Yoshi. When a BNP bank nearby saw this, they decided to see how they could stack up.

Société Générale Bank has trumped both Ubisoft and their rivals at BNP Bank with this 11,000-note creation.

Post’ it are now everywhere

…in the Living Room

… in the window display

pic by Misocrazy window display by Christian Dior

… in your free time

..and and and

Create your own post it art work with http://postitartcreator.net/






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