360° Votingpower for DYN

Hello 360° Guys of Votingpower

Today I present to you a young label from Berlin “DYN” which is attending the EVOQUE Fashion Award 2011 with the collection “Schattenstadt AW 10/11”.

As I know that we are bored from long stories I´ll come directly to the point:

… She´s from Berlin, she is young and fresh, full of  great potential and she is attending a big design competition…

so let´s vote for her

(until the 2nd of October)




here it comes…

Who is the typical dyn customer?

Frida:  I think the typical dyn customer is definitely self-confident because most of the pieces are more or less special, especially for menswear which is still a bit shy. But since I don’t use loud colours, expressive prints or large labels, my fashion is not to show off but rather an understatement.

Describe your collection in three words?:

Frida:  Metropolis. Dark. Shelter.

Tell me more about your collection- what were your initial inspirations behind it/ How did you develop your ideas?

Frida:  The general inspiration was film noir, but I didn’t think of the clothes of that time (40s), but rather of the mood in those movies instead. I was thinking of dark, small alleys, the light of a street lamp, the urge to hide,…

In particular, I was inspired by a self-written novel in the style of film noir. Each outfit refers to one character in this novel, so my way of working is kind of similar to a costume designer, just that I use storys as inspiration and not as a concrete demand.

What sort of fabrics did you use and why?:

Frida: I like the mix of soft and hard materials, for example leather and knitwear. I also often use wool and cotton. I really like natural materials and try to avoid synthetic fabrics.

 What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?:

Frida: My favourite piece of the collection is the huge black coat. If you wear it you will see that it is super heavy. There’s a gigantic mass of wool being used for it, as well as leather. You really can hide in it, it keeps you warm and it is very special.

 How does it feel to be in the final stage of the competition? :

 I’m very  excited to be one of the final six. The competition was really strong and I’m proud that I won the first price in Düsseldorf. Now I’m looking forward to the final show.

Guys if you want to see more from her clothes have a look at her shops

at Nelouo.com


or Dawanda.com


or visit her Homepage:



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