The Hippie Nerd @ Milan Fashion Week and from now on


I am sure you already saw the new category “Fashion & Friends” and I am proud to present to my Guys of 360° of Lifestyle from now on a special in Fashion  Blogging – the Hippie Nerd –


Milan Fashion Week Day 1 ” Part 2-Outside Gucci”

Yesterday you all got an inside look of the runways on Day One of Milan Fashion Week. Now it’s time to see how people dressed on the runway outside! For me the street is the most important runway of all. How we dress up every morning defines WHO we are and WHAT we are about. Even as small a detail as a scarf can change an outfit and how we feel that day.

Yesterday, the outfits were so COLORFUL and FUNKY. My two favorite looks were a man wearing an Alexander McQueen scarf and another man carrying a Hermes Birkin bag. WOW, the man with the Birkin Bag is definitely Murse material!

I hope you enjoy the photos, stay tuned for more… This week is Fashion Mania in Milano!

Photography: Yazmin Yeara

Author: Yazmin Yeara

Editor: Jenny Perusek

Location: Milan, Italy

Love, THN*


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