94° Black Box Project meets Jeff Nishinaka, Milan 5th 2012

Dear 360° Followers

I’d like to show you some impressions from a great event which took place last Wednesday, 5th of May 2012 in Milan, Italy – THE BLACK BOX PROJECT.

First of all some short information due to the BLACK BOX PROJECT:

The idea behind the Black Box Project® is quite simple: What will happen if you give designers a tool with which he or she can do whatever they like? The Black Box is nothing but a stage on which designers perform their art, without any limitations apart from using the unique characteristics of Invercote and the size of the box. This “happening” already took place in several cities around the world like Hamburg, New York, Paris, London, Stockholm and now Milan.

The Designer of  the latest event based in Milan was Jeff Nishinaka with his incredible tripthych made out of INVERCOTE paper. Furthermore, for the very first time the original Black Box turned out into a shining RED one under the topic of Pandora’s Box – Expect the unexpected.

Enough told, here are some impressions from this nice evening.

Agnes Pilar from Schindler Parent, Me & Jeff Nishinaka and his wife (left to right)

Me, Mr. and Mrs. Brunazzi (http://www.brunazzi.com/)

Jan Schöttler Design & Art Direction (www.janschoettler.com)

Sebastian Onufszak (http://www.onufszak.com/)

Father and Son, Van Heertum (http://www.heertum.nl/)

(on the right side) Michael Meier & Jörg Bluhm from Schindler Parent


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