Don’t cry for me any longer – Fashion made in Budapest

Ciao a tutti,

today I would like to present to y0u a young and fresh label from Hungary – MEI KAWA.
The first part – ‘MEIKA’ – refers to the female qualities: soft and graceful in appearance, showing refined taste and style, acting playful and vivacious while remaining modestly sensual and hip at the same time. Overall, it shows a strong influence of Nordic minimalism – calmness, purity, simplicity and functionality – while irony and humour lie hidden in the details.

KAWA is about the men’s side. It is dynamic and distinct, characteristic and elaborate. Focussing on the man who wants to stand out of the crowd and be somewhat different. He wants to be unique in his appearance, to dress from a well-distinguished and stylish wardrobe, instead of serving the garment trade.

Pure forms filtered with humour, natural fabrics with extraordinary tailoring methods. Enough words spoken – enjoy impressions of the collection “LUSTRE OF ANTHR”mei_kawa_1314_fw_loa_1 mei_kawa_1314_fw_loa_2 mei_kawa_fw13_1.1 mei_kawa_fw13_2.1_0 mei_kawa_fw13_4.1 mei_kawa_fw13_6.1 mei_kawa_fw13_10.1 mei_kawa_fw13_11.1 mei_kawa_fw13_12.1for more information check out:





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