Flower Power Beard Hype

There’s no way to not share you this great stuff. Look what I’ve found. This is definetly the latest trend coming up on the beard heaven 😀 Check it out!


flower-beards-hipster-trend-27 flower-beards-hipster-trend-19 flower-beards-hipster-trend-thumb640 flower-beards-hipster-trend-28 flower-beards-hipster-trend-25 flower-beards-hipster-trend-5 flower-beards-hipster-trend-6 flower-beards-hipster-trend-17 flower-beards-hipster-trend-13 flower-beards-hipster-trend-21 flower-beards-hipster-trend-18 beard, beards, creative facial hair, creative flower designs, facial hair, flower beard, flower beards, flower designs, flowers in beard, flowers in beards, flowers in hair, hipster beard, hipster hair, men with flowers


Image credits: Ashley Thalman, Victoria Vrublevska, Sanja Lydia Kulusic, Beatriz Ortiz, Will It Beard, Madeleine Ball, Victoria Zeoli, Elizabeth Eastman, Peter Yankowsky, Sarah Winward, Shannon, Cloe Ashton


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