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Flower Power Beard Hype

There’s no way to not share you this great stuff. Look what I’ve found. This is definetly the latest trend coming up on the beard heaven 😀 Check it out!


flower-beards-hipster-trend-27 flower-beards-hipster-trend-19 flower-beards-hipster-trend-thumb640 flower-beards-hipster-trend-28 flower-beards-hipster-trend-25 flower-beards-hipster-trend-5 flower-beards-hipster-trend-6 flower-beards-hipster-trend-17 flower-beards-hipster-trend-13 flower-beards-hipster-trend-21 flower-beards-hipster-trend-18 beard, beards, creative facial hair, creative flower designs, facial hair, flower beard, flower beards, flower designs, flowers in beard, flowers in beards, flowers in hair, hipster beard, hipster hair, men with flowers


Image credits: Ashley Thalman, Victoria Vrublevska, Sanja Lydia Kulusic, Beatriz Ortiz, Will It Beard, Madeleine Ball, Victoria Zeoli, Elizabeth Eastman, Peter Yankowsky, Sarah Winward, Shannon, Cloe Ashton

A revolutionary smartphone with twin-display full-color OLED that you can wrap around your wrist and wear like a bracelet. Is an entertainment and gaming hub, social network and news feed, personal assistant, digital watch, and a stunning piece of wrist bling all rolled into one futuristic device.

Featured with: 4 G, Processor OMAP 5, 128/256 GB flash, USB 3.0 and NFC( This device will be able to store all the electronic keys that you use)


For more information check out: http://www.emopulse.com


Hello together,

today I would like to present to you the label URBE. “Competence. Force. Can.” The definition of energy can be as controversial as their source. To promote discussions about topics such ambivalent, Joanna and Piotr Juszczak URBE founded their design studio in 2010. With surprising products such as the Fukushima coffee table they prove the mentally and provocative approach to their work.  Enjoy… http://www.urbe.pl/

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96° Global Campaign: Benetton seeks to “Employee of the Year”

“Unemployee of the Year” is the appearance, with which Benetton wants to send a “positive message of hope.” The company wants to show stereotypes of lazy, work-shy young people and find “new, intelligent and creative ways” to help them out of unemployment. The campaign is sponsored by the Foundation Unhate which was founded by Benetton by the begining of the campaign.

Benetton Campaign

Leo Burnett built Wailing Walls for Amnesty International

Frankfurt’s City is currently enriched with social criticism street. On the walls of buildings, piers and wall sections were mounted image sections showing barred cellars with people behind pented up.

For this action, Leo Burnett engaged the street artist Dan Witz to attract real attention.

Leo Burnett for Amnesty International

95° More attractive than you think …

Hello 360° Followers

Today I’d like to present to you the new German advertising for craftsmen.The German ‘Attraktiver als du denkst’ means ‘More attractive than you think’.

Markus Mueller is the photographer of this great ad .