Flower Power Beard Hype

There’s no way to not share you this great stuff. Look what I’ve found. This is definetly the latest trend coming up on the beard heaven 😀 Check it out!


flower-beards-hipster-trend-27 flower-beards-hipster-trend-19 flower-beards-hipster-trend-thumb640 flower-beards-hipster-trend-28 flower-beards-hipster-trend-25 flower-beards-hipster-trend-5 flower-beards-hipster-trend-6 flower-beards-hipster-trend-17 flower-beards-hipster-trend-13 flower-beards-hipster-trend-21 flower-beards-hipster-trend-18 beard, beards, creative facial hair, creative flower designs, facial hair, flower beard, flower beards, flower designs, flowers in beard, flowers in beards, flowers in hair, hipster beard, hipster hair, men with flowers


Image credits: Ashley Thalman, Victoria Vrublevska, Sanja Lydia Kulusic, Beatriz Ortiz, Will It Beard, Madeleine Ball, Victoria Zeoli, Elizabeth Eastman, Peter Yankowsky, Sarah Winward, Shannon, Cloe Ashton




I know my last post is almost a year ago. BUT I didn’t forget all of you! So, I try to improve myself, starting with a new era of  posts. Well, what else to say than get the party started….


The post of today is about the MANGO Fashion Award. It offers young  young designers throughout the world the opportunity to participate in an international fashion design competition. The contest, which takes place every 18 months, has the support of five of the most important design schools in Europe.



The aim of this event is give young designers under 35 years old access to a new media platform, as well as the opportunity to keep marketing their collections. Candidates who have not had the opportunity to launch their collections but have at least 3 years’ experience in the fashion industry may also participate in the competition, as long as they can provide evidence of this. So, why not try to convince the jury from your talent?

My person actually is looking forward to see some of my friends participating. 🙂

Milan Fashion Week Day 5 Salvatore Ferragamo by The Hippie Nerd

















Milan Fashion Week day 5 “Salvatore Ferragamo”


Yesterday I was so LUCKY to attend the Salvatore Ferragamo fashion show at Milan Fashion Week (courtesy of Stiletto in The Dominican Republic)!  The colors, the fabrics, the textures… OH MY!  I fell in LOVE with everything, especially the GORGEOUS sequined purple blazer.   Ferragamo definitely brought their A GAME to this Spring/Summer 2012.
Outside of the show, I saw some MAJOR fashionistas: BryanboyKaren Mok, and Anna Dello Russo.  Anna is such a nice person and was looking BEAUTIFUL wearing a starry shirt and an amazing skirt from D&G fall collection 2011.   Totally to die for!
Plus I was interviewed on camera by Fashion TV!  I can’t WAIT for them to post my interview.  Woop woop!
It was another AMAZING day at Milan Fashion Week… I hope you all enjoy the pictures!
Photography: Yazmin Yeara & Maria Consuelo Bonilla
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Location: Milan, Italy
Love, THN*

Fashion Week in Milano Day 3 by The Hippie Nerd

Ciao  a tutti

And here comes the 3rd part of the Fashion week from Saturday, 24th September 2011

For the third day of Milan Fashion Week, I took pictures outside the Versace fashion show.  I saw so many IMPORTANT people!
First I saw the FABULOUS Anna Wintour, Editor-in-chief of American Vogue.  OH MY GOD, I just love her! I asked to take a photo with her, but she was late for the Trussardi fashion show… But I won’t rest until I get my second photo with the QUEEN J.  I know I sound like a crazy fan, but I just LOVE her!
Secondly, I saw Anna Dello Russo who was looking AMAZING in a pink dress.  Pink is definitely the IT color this season!
For Milan Fashion Week Day Three, I wore a VIVID fuschia blazer, a white shirt, and a bowtie that I made out of shoelaces, a girl’s gotta improvise right?  Plus I added my vintage Chanel bag (from my mom’s closet) and a H&M necklace.
The funny thing is I saw a guy dressed exactly like me!  I LOVE we are finally at a point where women can wear menswear and look COOL and SEXY!
Hope you all enjoy the photos!
Photography: Amanda Musa
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Location: Milan, Italy
Love, THN*

The Hippie Nerd @ Milan Fashion Week and from now on vero-ikon.com


I am sure you already saw the new category “Fashion & Friends” and I am proud to present to my Guys of 360° of Lifestyle from now on a special in Fashion  Blogging – the Hippie Nerd –


Milan Fashion Week Day 1 ” Part 2-Outside Gucci”

Yesterday you all got an inside look of the runways on Day One of Milan Fashion Week. Now it’s time to see how people dressed on the runway outside! For me the street is the most important runway of all. How we dress up every morning defines WHO we are and WHAT we are about. Even as small a detail as a scarf can change an outfit and how we feel that day.

Yesterday, the outfits were so COLORFUL and FUNKY. My two favorite looks were a man wearing an Alexander McQueen scarf and another man carrying a Hermes Birkin bag. WOW, the man with the Birkin Bag is definitely Murse material!

I hope you enjoy the photos, stay tuned for more… This week is Fashion Mania in Milano!

Photography: Yazmin Yeara

Author: Yazmin Yeara

Editor: Jenny Perusek

Location: Milan, Italy

Love, THN*

40°The Hippie Nerd by Yazmin Yeara A.

Ciao a tutti

Today I present to you the amazing blog “The Hippie Nerd”

by Yazmin Yeara A.

Why did you start this blog “The Hippie Nerd”?

After four years of Law School I have finally had the chance to study and do what I love. I am a Lawyer but I am currently doing my master in Fashion Management in Milan, Italy at the Domus Academy. I have to confess that this year has been life changing for me not only because I could finally break free of the books and head strait into the fashion world but also, because I feel like I can finally do what I love. I have had the pleasure to meet amazing upcoming artist and designers from all over the world; I really wouldn’t change this experience for anything in the world. On the Hippie Nerd you will see things you have never seen before and new discoveries every week.

Why did you chose the name “The Hippie Nerd”?

I am a music and fashion lover all the way, sometimes I feel nerdy sometimes I feel hippie. I am a nerd at heart I must confess really ever since I was a kid I was a geek and proud of it!
Fashion for me is everything and it begins the moment we open our eyes in the morning. I can honestly say that I am already thinking what I am going to wear before I open up my box of Captain Krunch. Fashion is in everything and in everyone.
What I’ve always said is that we should to see the world in different colors and points of views not only black and white. For this I decided to begin my fashion blog because there is no better feeling than sharing what you love to the world! I really want this project to grow into something amazing and new.

If you want to see more of “The Hippie Nerd” just go on http://thehippienerd.blogspot.com/

or on the Facebook Site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hippie-Nerd/160019930731192

14° Trend Issue “Cosmicpolitan” Fall Winter 2011/2012

Ciao a tutti

Today I present to you the trend issue “Cosmicpolitan” for Fall Winter 2011/2012.

For creating those outfits I mixed a lot of young emerging upcoming designer with one peace of  a higher luxury brand.

What is Cosmicpolitan?
Sharp and asymmetric cuts inspired by modern architecture as well as cosmic fickle colored fabrics with an experimental material mix are the most significant attributes of the trend issue “Cosmicpolitan”.
The Colors: metallic gold, silver and blue as well as grey tones and some light red spots
The Hair can be worn as a sharp short cut, together as an extreme side parting, open with a wild middle parting á la Kate Moss & Sienna Miller or with a more extravagant quaff in the front.
The Make – Up is focused on the eyes the rest is based on the nude-look. Satin Eyes – Razor sharp eyeliner with smoky effect or Light Explosion – Metallic Eye Shadow to give an extensive look.

But enough said lets get inspired  by vero ikon.