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As the hoddies from the VERO IKON COLLECTION are completely sold out I am reproducing a limited number of it. Who is interested? Just give a short notice!!



Don’t cry for me any longer – Fashion made in Budapest

Ciao a tutti,

today I would like to present to y0u a young and fresh label from Hungary – MEI KAWA.
The first part – ‘MEIKA’ – refers to the female qualities: soft and graceful in appearance, showing refined taste and style, acting playful and vivacious while remaining modestly sensual and hip at the same time. Overall, it shows a strong influence of Nordic minimalism – calmness, purity, simplicity and functionality – while irony and humour lie hidden in the details.

KAWA is about the men’s side. It is dynamic and distinct, characteristic and elaborate. Focussing on the man who wants to stand out of the crowd and be somewhat different. He wants to be unique in his appearance, to dress from a well-distinguished and stylish wardrobe, instead of serving the garment trade.

Pure forms filtered with humour, natural fabrics with extraordinary tailoring methods. Enough words spoken – enjoy impressions of the collection “LUSTRE OF ANTHR”mei_kawa_1314_fw_loa_1 mei_kawa_1314_fw_loa_2 mei_kawa_fw13_1.1 mei_kawa_fw13_2.1_0 mei_kawa_fw13_4.1 mei_kawa_fw13_6.1 mei_kawa_fw13_10.1 mei_kawa_fw13_11.1 mei_kawa_fw13_12.1for more information check out: http://www.meikawa.com/




A revolutionary smartphone with twin-display full-color OLED that you can wrap around your wrist and wear like a bracelet. Is an entertainment and gaming hub, social network and news feed, personal assistant, digital watch, and a stunning piece of wrist bling all rolled into one futuristic device.

Featured with: 4 G, Processor OMAP 5, 128/256 GB flash, USB 3.0 and NFC( This device will be able to store all the electronic keys that you use)


For more information check out: http://www.emopulse.com

Must-have of today

The musthave of today comes from the shoe brand 5: AM. The name behind? Laura Basterra.  Laura is based inBarcelona, Spain. Her collections are produced inPortugal.

 My favorite from the latest collection :




I know my last post is almost a year ago. BUT I didn’t forget all of you! So, I try to improve myself, starting with a new era of  posts. Well, what else to say than get the party started….


The post of today is about the MANGO Fashion Award. It offers young  young designers throughout the world the opportunity to participate in an international fashion design competition. The contest, which takes place every 18 months, has the support of five of the most important design schools in Europe.



The aim of this event is give young designers under 35 years old access to a new media platform, as well as the opportunity to keep marketing their collections. Candidates who have not had the opportunity to launch their collections but have at least 3 years’ experience in the fashion industry may also participate in the competition, as long as they can provide evidence of this. So, why not try to convince the jury from your talent?

My person actually is looking forward to see some of my friends participating. 🙂

94° Black Box Project meets Jeff Nishinaka, Milan 5th 2012

Dear 360° Followers

I’d like to show you some impressions from a great event which took place last Wednesday, 5th of May 2012 in Milan, Italy – THE BLACK BOX PROJECT.

First of all some short information due to the BLACK BOX PROJECT:

The idea behind the Black Box Project® is quite simple: What will happen if you give designers a tool with which he or she can do whatever they like? The Black Box is nothing but a stage on which designers perform their art, without any limitations apart from using the unique characteristics of Invercote and the size of the box. This “happening” already took place in several cities around the world like Hamburg, New York, Paris, London, Stockholm and now Milan.

The Designer of  the latest event based in Milan was Jeff Nishinaka with his incredible tripthych made out of INVERCOTE paper. Furthermore, for the very first time the original Black Box turned out into a shining RED one under the topic of Pandora’s Box – Expect the unexpected.

Enough told, here are some impressions from this nice evening.

Agnes Pilar from Schindler Parent, Me & Jeff Nishinaka and his wife (left to right)

Me, Mr. and Mrs. Brunazzi (http://www.brunazzi.com/)

Jan Schöttler Design & Art Direction (www.janschoettler.com)

Sebastian Onufszak (http://www.onufszak.com/)

Father and Son, Van Heertum (http://www.heertum.nl/)

(on the right side) Michael Meier & Jörg Bluhm from Schindler Parent

59° October 13th – IRM DESIGN + Francoise Nielly

Hello 360° Followers

I guess you remember my first post about Francoise Nielly 6 months ago?!

Now she had her first collaboration  with IRM DESIGN and the two talented designers Marion Lalanne and Pierre Alexis Hermet to show her nice art work on garments.

How this looks like you can see here below

Have fun guys and enjoy it!!